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florence low cost
florence low cost

Florence Low-Cost

Florence is a wonderful town, unfortunately it is too often connected to luxury hotels and restaurants and therefore to expensive holidays.

This discourages many middle families who want to let their children know the authentic beauties of the city, but they believe they can’t afford the cost and for this reason they turn down the holiday.

This reasoning is absolutely wrong! Florence can be lived in clover but in a totally cheaper way too.

First of all, instead of reaching Florence directly spending a fortune, you can book a flight to Pisa using the “Ryanair” airline; once you get to the airport you can take the train that arrives in Florence in one hour, spending few Euros per person.

I suggest you to book your 4 Star Florence Hotel a few months before your arrival in order to get a higher discount on the final price, especially if you book on big reservation sites like “” or “”, where you can always make a deal.
I have personally stayed in a beautiful hotel: Strozzi Palace Hotel.

About your meals I recommend to leave the inner city and find tiny side streets where you can have breakfast with a “cappuccino” and a delicious homemade pastry at a absolutely average price; for lunch and dinner you should look for typical “Osterie” or “Trattorie” (still out of the old town centre) where you can eat some local dish.

Florence is well-known in the entire world because of its monuments and its churches, but what people don’t know is that this gorgeous town must be fully lived wandering in its streets, finding out places that no guidebook will ever suggest.

Therefore, apart from the Uffizi, the rest of the monuments and artistic point of interest is free, like for example:

  • Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria, with its enchanting marbles to admire;
  • Ponte Vecchio and its old little shops;
  • The cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the baptistery of San Giovanni;
  • The churches of San Lorenzo, Santo Spirito, Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce (for the last two the entering costs a few Euros).

Having said that, I wish you a great Low-Cost holiday in one between the most beautiful Italian cities. is a free blog about "Tourism in Italy", REGISTER FOR FREE!