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Moscato d'Asti
Moscato d'Asti

Italian Wine Captivates Tourists World Over

Wine has been in the Italian culture for centuries now, and it is almost impossible to talk about Italian culture and not mention wine in the same breathe. The wine culture in Italy is almost as famous as the country itself. Italy owes a large fraction of their tourism sector to wine. Tourists flock the country in an attempt of sampling the famous wine for themselves. With a wide range of wines to choose from, and different tastes and flavors, Italian wine is sure to pull more tourists into the country. One of the most famous types of Italian wines is the Moscato wine.

The wine prepared from the Moscato grapes. This is one of the most famous types of Italian wines because of its fizzy nature and sweet aroma. It is also part of the white wines family as well. It has a sweet taste that is very distinct and cannot be confused easily. Moscato d'Asti is a kind of moscato wine that gets its name from the area the grapes are grown. Asti is an Italian province famous for growing grapes. For wine tourism, Moscato d'Asti might just be the biggest tourist attraction in Italy. You might wonder why the wine is so famous, well this is because of the complex nature that is taken to make it, and the pride the Italians take in making it. It is a kind of semi-sweet sparkling wine making it a very classy kind of wine. Moscato d’Asti can be complemented with dessert: it is sweet with a hint of sour that gives your taste buds an explosive experience. There are different kinds of wine coming from different regions in the Asti province.

The grapes from the different regions will grow under different conditions and hence produce wine that has its own distinct taste. The alcohol content is not high around 6% in concentration making it a nice drink to have especially in cooperate meetings, where everyone in required to be on their best behavior. Also as a tourist, taking the white wine can take away the blandness of any meal that may emanate from stress due to jetlag or general exhaustion. This wine is one of the biggest exports of Italy. People all over the world have identified with Italy as a wine maker and would actually go looking for specifically Italian wine in a store. As a tourist, you can actually taste the difference of this wine from all other kinds of wine world over. is a free blog about "Tourism in Italy", REGISTER FOR FREE!