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The many things you can see during your Cruise

A cruise thru the Mediterranean Sea is certainly the best option to visit many places in one shot. However, sometimes can be a a problem how to organize the stops of the ship and the excursions. But this is a good part of the vacation, too: in fact, there is nothing like planning a good cruise with relative excursions before going on holidays and the the great deal is to book a private shore excursion to visit the cities where the ship arrives to avoid all the possible problems due to the language, the time or the distances.

If you choose a cruise within the Mediterranean area you can have the possibility to stop in many fantastic places in Italy. One of them surely will be Livorno. If your cruise stops there, you can visit the places around the ports you will land to, or to book in advance, easily and online a specialized private shore excursion in the city or around the city you are stopping in. You have the chance to visit some wonderful cities close to Livorno, such as Florence or to book a private shore excursion to Pisa or Livorno itself. Normally, tourists choose to book a private shore excursion to Florence or Pisa, while they should give some time to discover this illustrious Tuscan town.

Livorno is not just a port, but a real medieval beauty: it has plenty of preserved Renaissance structures like other Tuscan cities and, as well as Florence, also Livorno was ruled by the Medici family. The most important highlights in this city are: the palace Bottini dell'olio, a former warehouse for the storage of oil that today is a Art Gallery; the Library Labronica; the Palazzo delle colonne di marmo, that is one of the most elegant buildings in the district of Venezia Nuova, characterized by numerous marble decorations; the famous and wonderful Teatro Goldoni, that is the most important theater in the city, the only one that survived the war. There are other points of interest, like the Castello of Boccale, that today is a luxury hotel where you can rent a full luxury apartment; the Villa Fabbricotti, situated in a large public park that, during the summer, hosts an outdoor cinema; and the Villa Mimbelli inside which you can find the amazing Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori, and other galleries dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

As you can see this city offers a lot of beauties that you can discover dedicating a little time to it and booking online a private shore excursion to Livorno, that's the most convenient way to discover a city, without loosing time. In this way you won't worry about what to do or where to go: just check the offers online and see what you prefer. The service is perfectly organized so to make sure you will spend a good day and arrive on time to the ship to get to another city. This is a great tour experience, where as a cruiser you will not only relax on the ship but you will get to a city full of art, romance and history. is a free blog about "Tourism in Italy", REGISTER FOR FREE!