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Palazzo Al Velabro
Palazzo Al Velabro

Top 3 Upcoming Timeshare Destinations in Rome

"Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome." - Robert De Nero

Rome, the capital city of Italy and home to the Vatican, is one of the biggest vacation destinations in Europe.  Rome with its rich arts, stunning architecture and tangible nostalgia enchants the vacationer and inspire him or her to return to Rome again and again.

If you like to visit Rome on your vacation often, then why don’t you buy a timeshare? Buying a timeshare at Rome is a fantastic way to eliminate the need of searching accommodation annually. A timeshare is a more budget friendly option as you prepay for future vacations.

Even you can go for the option of renting timeshares. On your next vacation, you can save a lot if you rent a timeshare in Rome. Instead of booking the resort, consider the rental market for timeshares by owner themselves. Owners put their timeshares for rent when they are not using it. These timeshares are less expensive than hotel rooms of similar quality.

Timeshare resorts are generally better and larger than the hotels. They have additional features like multiple bedrooms, Jacuzzi, private balconies, living rooms and full kitchens. Buy or rent a timeshare and determine what features and services suits you the best. Get to know Rome in a better way through the timeshare process.

Here is a quick guide on the 3 upcoming timeshare destinations of Rome. These three places are really making Rome the favorite vacation spot for everyone across the globe.

Palazzo al Velabro

A timeshare destination located in the heart of Rome. The Palazzo Al Velabro is a magnificent house with 35 apartments. It has beautiful tiled floors, arched doorways, soft lights and simple yet modern decorations that produce a modern ambiance when you look out through the windows at the ancient walls and buildings of Rome.                                       

Apartments in this place range in different size to accommodate one person or a family. Each apartment offers equipped kitchen, Internet, air conditioning, satellite television and direct-dial telephones. Electricity is included in the price along with the cleaning service of kitchen and bathrooms. This timeshare apartment faces the Piazza Bocca Della Verita. You will also enjoy in the cafe that has an open terrace to see the lights of Rome at night.

Website: Palazzo al Velabro via Del Velabro,

Domus Romana Hotel and Residence

Do you want to stay at the center of Rome at night? Domus Romana Hotel gives your family such an opportunity. A soft, pink-walled building with spacious inner courtyard, airy apartments and rooms is surely going to please you and your family. You will also find intricate vaulted wooden ceilings and frescoed skylights, and terraces with flowers in terra cotta planters make each apartment comfortable and personal. You get access to natural stone bathrooms, furnished kitchens, televisions and free Internet at Domus Romana Hotel Via delle Quattro Fontane.

Website: Domus Romana Hotel via delle Quattro Fontane,

Carpediem Roma Golf Club

The Carpediem Roma Golf Club is approximately 20 km from Rome and Tivoli. This is a timeshare resort where you can stay in large groups. The golf club is rated 4 out of 5 stars by RCI, it is the largest timeshare network, which offers large, clean rooms, the greenery of the Marco Simone golf course. It has 48 rooms, with small patio and garden for privacy. Beside the equipped kitchens, you get on-site sauna, spa and swimming pool. Their units are available for sale and for rent.

Website: Carpediem Roma Golf Club via Di Marco Simone,

On this vacation, make Rome your ideal destination!

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Vanessa Agouti is a travel and tourism blogger, a passionate mountaineer and by profession a timeshare consultant. She asks her clients to take the advantage of call centers for Timeshare program to have a better customer satisfaction and better timeshare resale value.

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Domus Romana
Domus Romana
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